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Professional lighting solutions made in Germany

Efficient and energy-saving LED lighting for aquaculture, aquaristics, terraristics, animal and plant breeding.
Since our company was founded in 1992, Giesemann Lichttechnik has been a reliable partner in the world of professional lighting for fauna and flora. Our "know-how" and our experience from numerous international projects continuously flow into the development of new lighting solutions and new lighting technologies.

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What makes our products unique?

Sustainability and the careful use of resources are our philosophy. That is why we only use high-quality components. Due to their special properties and high reliability, GIESEMANN luminaires are used in many zoos, public aquariums and botanical gardens around the world.Our extensive product portfolio includes technical solutions for almost every conceivable project. With an in-house development team for hardware and software as well as our own electronics production, we set new standards in flexibility. Our project team looks forward to every new challenge

Our divisions

Our products have a wide range of applications. A large number of companies and facilities around the world rely on our durable and efficient lighting solutions. Click on the individual buttons to go directly to the respective application areas.









Why you should rely on Giesemann as your professional partner

For us as a manufacturer of professional lighting solutions, LED aquarium lighting in zoos and LED lighting for plant cultivation, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a reality. Our LED lights manufactured in Germany are made of robust, seawater-resistant aluminum and will not one day end up on an ever-growing mountain of plastic waste.
All Giesemann lights can be easily repaired over many years and do not need to be replaced. If no product from our portfolio is suitable for your application, we have the option of manufacturing a lighting solution to suit your individual requirements at our production and development facility in Germany - Nettetal.

Environmental awareness and efficiency in balance

Our products all have one thing in common. Environmentally friendly production with the most efficient technologies, designed for longevity and a focus on animal welfare. GIESEMANN is a market leader when it comes to supplying innovative and flexible lighting solutions for professional applications.

Individual LED modules can be easily replaced at a later date. Be it due to the fact that the LEDs lose efficiency over the years or simply different color spectra are required.
  • History and expertise for over 30 years
  • Development and production 100% in Germany
  • Innovations and well thought-out concepts
  • Durable and robust products
  • Sustainable cost savings
  • High-quality materials
  • Absolute sustainability and the highest environmental protection standards
  • Telephone customer service
  • Delivery ex works from Germany
  • Natural and animal-friendly lighting for your facilities
  • Up to 48 months guarantee on our products
  • Individual planning
  • Absolute flexibility
  • Maximum service orientation



We work closely with curators, engineers, researchers and companies

who understand that high-quality lighting from Giesemann is the best long-term choice







Innovative lighting solutions and needs-based technology developments.

When selecting lighting for zoos and aquariums, the top priority should always be to create a natural and healthy environment for the animals and visitors. GIESEMANN always develops and supplies the optimum solution especially for public facilities. All luminaires are manufactured by hand from the highest quality raw materials. Our luminaires are robust and hard-wearing. Designed in such a way that they always deliver outstanding performance, even in extreme environments.

The use of our long-life luminaires results in a considerable reduction in energy consumption. We don't just sell you a luminaire, we assist you with your project from the initial inquiry through to installation.
We are also happy to advise and support you with your project.

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